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We always welcome creative ways of working, open dialogues, and new ideas.

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Our company values

At Foxway Distribution, we strive to add value in everything we do. To the benefit of the people and companies we do business with – and the world we impact.

Our customers are the primary focus of our business and this is characterized by our entire approach. We are on a mission to always build confidence with our customers by offering superior products and services.  

From procurement and sales to our logistics department, we want our customers to feel that they are dealing with Foxway Distribution. Whether it is through our great prices, our high-quality tech support or our professional and personal customer service, we always add additional value.

Foxway Distribution company culture

Most Foxway Distribution employees have well-defined, specialist roles. However, we offer great levels of freedom within your tasks and working day, allowing you to solve your assignments the best way you see fit.

We always welcome creative ways of working, open dialogues, and new ideas

Mark D. Mortensen,
Head of Sales Denmark, CWS

"We are a vibrant sales department with an informal tone and high spirits. You can really thrive in a team that truly values trust and team spirit".

talent development at Foxway Distribution

We are committed to supporting our employees' professional growth and potential. We encourage our employees to improve their skills through either courses or extra training that allow them to take on more responsibility or new roles within the organization. 

Lasse H. Bendtsen,
Sales Manager

"I have always been dedicated to sales, language, communication, and human relations so Foxway Distribution has been an excellent fit for me. After 3 years at our headquarters in Denmark, I now have the opportunity to take up a post in Barcelona, Spain, and I am very excited about the challenges ahead".

Benjamin Elgaard,
Senior Account Manager

"I started as supporter in our screening department and was made team leader after a couple of months. My core competencies have always been in service and sales, so when I was offered the job as Account Manager in Sales after two years with Foxway Distribution I quickly replied YES! It is very satisfying to be in a company where there is so much focus on personal development".

Boris Kapor,
Senior Account Manager

"I worked as an engineer in Serbia for 4,5 years when my wife and I decided to move to Denmark. After a couple of months, I started my employment at Foxway Distribution as Account Manager for the Balkan market and really enjoyed the good energy with my colleagues in our department".