At Foxway Distribution, we work collectively to make great deals for all parties involved.


Established in 1995, we have grown to become one of Europe’s largest IT distributors with a dedicated team of 120 employees. Premium products and competitive prices are at the center of our focus. But we also strive to add extra value in everything we do – from knowledgeable customer service with one point of contact and day-to-day delivery to custom solutions and fast response times.

Our headquarters are located in Denmark and we have sales offices in Germany, Sweden, Spain and Slovakia. Our annual revenue is approximately 67 million Euros, and we have been awarded an AAA credit rating for our solid economy.

This enables us to procure large quantities of surplus products to sell at competitive prices. Additionally, we can offer attractive credit conditions that help you succeed.

Since 1995, we have established a far-flung network of business partners and leading IT manufacturers and distributors that spans across the world. This allows us to procure surplus IT from many different markets, companies, and manufacturers, enabling us to offer high-quality products at competitive prices.

Our team consists of many nationalities, which offers great insights into the markets we serve and allows us to communicate with our customers in the primary European languages. Every Foxway Distribution customer is assigned their own account manager based on their needs and market. Additionally, our sales offices across Europe allow for even more personal customer contact and in-depth knowledge of local business conditions.

On average, we have products in stock valued around EUR 8 million - primarily laptops and desktops, servers, UPS, accessories and spare parts. This allows us to quickly customize hardware and IT solutions to fit customers needs. Using our vast network and product knowledge, we regularly help customers find spare parts that are either out of stock or out of production, that is, if they are not already in our inventory.

Our logistics department is characterized by professional, fast, and safe order-handling. Every year, we ship more than 100,000 products, and all packages are thoroughly inspected upon arrival and departure. We work with carefully selected freight companies to ensure safe and on-time delivery – every time. 

We offer a wide range of custom services designed to provide you with products that fit your exact needs. All customizations are performed by our professional, certified technicians in our in-house tech-center where we fit, update, and configure products to exact specifications.

Our support team has the capacity to handle more than 2,000 units every day. Virtually every part of notebooks, desktops, and workstations can be customized, including the operating system. Additionally, we offer overall solutions specified to your needs including monitors, keyboards, the mouse, docking station and much more.


It’s estimated that the world generates approximately 45 million tons of IT waste every year, and only a small part is recycled in controlled settings. 


Electronic waste often contains dangerous materials such as lead, cadmium, and mercury that have a significant and negative impact on the environment if not processed correctly.

It’s a considerable challenge with many possible solutions, and one answer is to reuse IT equipment.

We make it easier to choose surplus products over conventional IT. It’s not only the better choice for the environment but also the better choice for your budget.

Social commitment

Where the need for IT equipment is greatest, we would like to help. We donate hardware rather than money because we believe this is how we can help the most. Either by direct donations or by lending to particular projects.

We are passionate about children’s welfare and support projects that help the lives of children in need. For example, we have previously donated computers to the Nhake African Worldwide Trust in Zimbabwe for use in a local hall that functions as a central gathering point for local children and teenagers.  

No project is too small but we do not encourage projects that exceed a cost of 13,000 Euros. Furthermore, we wish to support projects with IT challenges in the ‘need-to-have’ category rather than the ‘nice-to-have’.

Send us a written application with a description of your project and demonstrate how our donation can make a difference for children in need. 

Applications must be sent to Kent H. Jeppesen. All applications are processed and discussed in confidence at executive level. We strive to respond to applications as quickly as possible

Kent H. Jeppesen


  • Foxway Distribution’s main business is to handle overstock, which increases the lifecycle of products and reduces the need of recycling and environmental impact.
  • Foxway Distribution is committed to providing environmental leadership in all aspects of our work.
  • Foxway Distribution considers the environmental impact of its operations activities and takes appropriate steps to minimize or prevent environmental pollution.
  • Foxway Distribution strives to go beyond compliance in meeting relevant environmental laws and regulations and other applicable requirements.
  • Foxway Distribution is member of the WEEE directive.
  • Foxway Distribution requires the same high environmental standard of suppliers and partners.
  • Foxway Distribution conducts our operations in a manner that is designed to minimize the impact on the environment and the people who live and work in that environment.
  • Foxway Distribution is dedicated to compliance with the requirements of ISO 14001 and to the continual improvement of its Environmental Management System by establishing and meeting environmental targets and objectives