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Find the right network card & accessories here

At Foxway, you will find a large variety of network cards and accessories from different manufacturers such as Lenovo, IBM, HP, APC and others. So whatever your needs and requirements, you can also find the right choice. We have network cards for desktop computers connected via PCI, PCI Express or USB as well as 4G network cards for notebooks.

Network cards for desktop computers

Although the vast majority of modern desktop computers from the manufacturer are equipped with an Ethernet network card, sooner or later it may be necessary to acquire a new network card.

Here are some examples you can use when purchasing a network card, as well as some of the advantages and disadvantages of each type of network card.

There are several reasons why you may need to purchase a new wireless network card or a new network card. For example, you may find that your current desktop network adapter does not support the specific protocol used by your router or switch, for example, if your current network adapter is 10/100 mbit and you need a fiber optic network adapter or a gigabit network card.

PCI and PCI Express network cards

An option to purchase a new network card for a desktop computer is to purchase a PCI or PCI Express card. The PCI slots are those on the back of the computer where the graphics card is mounted. If you have a newer desktop computer, you should be aware that it may use PCI Express or PCI-X slots, both of which are simply updated and faster versions of earlier PCI systems. Therefore, be sure to choose a desktop computer card that fits the PCI slots on your computer.

USB network adapter

The other option when purchasing a network card for a desktop computer is to purchase a USB network card. USB network adapters are available in the same way as PCI and PCI Express network adapters for wireless networks and various Ethernet connections.

USB network cards for desktop computers have the immediate advantage of being fairly easy to install. The disadvantage of USB network cards compared to PCI and PCI Express cards, on the other hand, is that the price is often higher if you want to achieve the same speed. Finally, earlier versions of the USB system do not operate at the same speed that the different types of PCI network cards for desktop computers usually offer. So, if your computer only has USB ports in versions prior to 2.0, you should consider choosing a PCI network card instead.

Various network card types

Based on the type of network the computer needs to access, there are different types of network cards. It is particularly important here to pay attention when the speed increases. If you need to connect to a gigabit network, you will not get the most out of it with cheaper 10/100 network cards for desktop computers. But that's not so important, because the vast majority of wireless network cards and Ethernet network cards are retro-compatible, which means they can communicate with a router or 10/100 switch easily.