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Computer monitors & displays

At Foxway, you will find a well-stocked range of laptop and desktop displays as well as display stands. We have a large selection of modern, robust and well-designed PC monitors that always guarantee high sound and image quality as well as high performance and functionality.

Our models range from small, discreet PC monitors to large, large-format models. All models are developed by leading manufacturers and are available in different models with LED and LCD technology. You will find a wide selection of notebooks and desktops in different sizes and models from leading brands such as Neovo, Lenovo, HP and others. What they all have in common is that they are all manufactured in the highest quality to ensure a solid and durable display with high performance.

A large computer screen means more overview

Screen size is a very fundamental factor for computer screens. And while it may seem logical, the benefits of choosing a larger computer screen should not be underestimated. A larger computer screen means a better overview and clarity, and it makes it easier for the user to have several programs running at the same time.

A Slow response time allows the computer screen to be followed more easily and quickly

Response time is also crucial when choosing a computer screen. In short, response time indicates how quickly the screen updates actions. A fast response time means that the screen is quick to keep up with what is happening on the screen. For everyday life in general and for 3D games in particular, a fast update is essential for a good screen experience. It is generally said that a response time of seven milliseconds or less is suitable for general use, while two milliseconds or less is the absolute maximum, which is perfect for gamers for example.

Other Display Features: Raise/lower foot, built-in speakers, HDMI and USB inputs

In addition to the basic features of the computer screen in terms of size and response time, modern TFT displays also have several other features that can be very important in everyday use. For example, the advantages of a raised/lower stand should not be underestimated: With this stand you can sit comfortably and ergonomically behind the screen much more easily. Another advantage could be the integration of speakers, which saves space on your desk. With HDMI connectivity, you can also use the display as much more than just a PC screen: The display can also be connected to a DVD player and games console, for example. The use of a modern computer monitor should not be limited to desktop tasks.

Several monitors on one PC or laptop computer

More and more workstations are equipped with 2 or more screens, which gives the user a greater overview and better multitasking possibilities - this is particularly advantageous for people who are used to working with many open tabs in their browsers, and the possibility of having Outlook or financial management programs open at all times. For heavy users of Microsoft Excel or Word, it can be advantageous to have a single screen turned vertically so that you can see whole sheets and more lines than if the screen were normally standing upright.

Monitors for graphic work

If the computer screen is to be used primarily for graphics work in AUTOCAD, Solidworks, Adobe and other software packages, a number of technologies are preferable. The general recommendation here is to choose a monitor with the so-called IPS panel, these produce the warmest and most authentic colours, many of which are or can be calibrated so that the colours on the screen are as close as possible to the result if the work is printed, this is especially an advantage for graphic designers who make flyers, panels and the like.