Uniflair Technical Flooring

We are an authorized distributor of Uniflair technical floors from Schneider Electric. The installation floors are modular and can easily be adapted to any need.

The floor solutions are primarily aimed at technical premises such as data centers, where there is a need for great flexibility, massive cabling, ventilation / cooling, heavy load and easy access to the entire installation..

Modular floor in various sizes tiles and finish

Modulær opbygning af tekniske gulve

Floors in different shapes and colours

The benefits of Uniflair installation floors

• Easy access to larger or smaller areas and easy replacement of tiles as needed.

• Flexible

• Adjustable height from 30 cm to 150 cm or higher

• Aluminium backing for thermal hygrometric stability

• Robust and durable high pressure plastic laminate on the top.

• Galvanized steel supports

Read more about data floors in general and various options at schneider-electric.dk

Installation floor video 

See Schneider Electric's video on Uniflair installation floors below.

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