Reprint with laser gives an accurate and beautiful result.

Reprint of keyboards.

Get your keyboard layout customized to a desired language using laser.

We can reprint a keyboard, for a business laptop, so that the keyboard surface is renewed with a desired language / layout. This is done by a laser removing the existing layout and then applying a new layout.

As the keys are not replaced, the original functionality is retained, such as backlighting. The quality is high, and reminiscent of the original, due to the accurate laser process.

Reprint is an eco-friendly way to switch to a different keyboard layout. The environmental benefit lies in reusing existing keyboards, which requires fewer resources - vs. production of, and replacement of, a new keyboard.

  • An environmentally friendly solution that saves resources.
  • We only reprint business laptop keyboards.
  • All grades can be reprinted (New Retail, Remanufactured, Refurbished).
  • The reprint delivery time may vary, but it is often shorter than ordering a new keyboard. Contact us to hear about delivery time and price of a specific keyboard and language / layout.

Feel free to contact an account manager, if you want to hear more about reprinting of keyboards and options.

Reprint af tastatur er miljøvenligt

Examples of original and reprinted keyboards

Original HP keyboard
Originalt HP keyboard

Originalt HP keyboard, enlarged
Originalt HP keyboard forstørret

Reprinted HP keyboard
Reprinted HP keyboard

Reprinted HP keyboard, enlarged
Reprinted HP keyboard forstørret

Original Lenovo keyboard
Originalt Lenovo keyboard

Original Lenovo keyboard, enlarged
Originalt Lenovo keyboard forstørret

Reprinted Lenovo keyboard
Reprinted Lenovo keyboard

Reprinted Lenovo keyboard, enlarged
Reprinted Lenovo keyboard forstørret