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Save time and money by Icon for customization of product customizing your computers online

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You can now Icon for customization of product customize laptops and desktops online to fit your customer's needs within the most typical options - easy and convenient 24/7.

All configurations are secured in-house by our own certified technicians and they are able to accommondate most requirement from our local markets.

Guided tour, customization of a computer.

Adjust e.g. language of keyboard and operating system, RAM, hard drive, warranty.

Find. Adjust. Buy.

We have made online configuration easy, fast and cheap.

FAQ product types

What brands and products can be configured?

The following product types, condition qualities and brands can be customized.

  • Only business models 

  • New Retail and Remanufactured

  • Lenovo and HP

  • Laptops and desktops


FAQ options

What customization possibilities are available in our configuration module? 

With our new online configuration module it's now easy for everyone to customise products to local market requests.

  • RAM

  • Hard drive (SSD, HDD)

  • Keyboard

  • OS

  • Warranty

Customized solutions

Online configuration has never been easier

Simpy look for and activate the wrench tool Icon for customization of product that indicates the product can be customized - the icon is shown near the product price. Each time you make a change on the product the price will change accordingly. Easy to add and easy to remove.

Save time and money and make all your online orders 24/7.

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