Our business model

Our core business is surplus IT sales – both used surplus IT products and brand-new surplus products procured directly from the manufacturer

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We are the leading reseller of surplus IT in Europe, contributing to the prevalence of a circular economy. We offer premium brands such as Lenovo and HP as well as infrastructure products from brands like APC by Schneider Electric and CommScope among others.

Every year, our team helps more than 3,000 customers from more than 70 countries find the right IT solution. This amounts to more than 100,000 packages every year that we process from our headquarters in Denmark and three sales offices located across Europe.

Our products are organized in three categories – New Retail, Remanufactured, and Refurbished – designed to meet the different demands and budgets of business in all sizes.

Our products are organized in 3 categories:

New Retail

New Retail

Brand new products. Original packaging. Original warranty.


New Retail is for customers looking for brand-new products – at a better price point. We purchase new and unused surplus IT equipment directly from the manufacturer, typically products that have recently been replaced by a newer series.

All products are delivered in original, factory sealed packaging and include the manufacturer's original warranty. With New Retail, you get brand-new, premium-quality products with an excellent warranty offered at highly competitive prices.


Surplus hardware. Original warranty. Original or custom packaging.


The Remanufactured category includes surplus products from cancelled orders, demo models, or products with damaged packaging.

Every product is subjected to rigorous quality tests, and any parts that do not live up to our high quality standards are replaced. Once inspected, the products are then ready to enter the market ‘as new’ in terms of functionality, quality, and performance.

Remanufactured products offer the latest technology with the original manufacturer's warranty – but with average savings of up to 30 percent compared to new, full-price products. The only difference is that Remanufactured products are repacked in custom packaging.

We offer Remanufactured products in three different tiers: Gold, Silver, and Bronze. Each tier offers a different level of product condition at matching price points. Click here to learn more about our three product tiers

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Refurbished products. Packaging and warranty. 


Refurbished products are previously enjoyed IT products that have been carefully restored and tested before re-entering the market. Our skilled technicians handle every part of this process in-house to ensure the best match between quality and attractive prices.

Production of IT equipment accounts for a significant part of the world’s annual CO2 emissions, and so we should always consider whether we actually need brand-new equipment – or if pre-owned might be the better choice. It’s not only a better option for the environment but also for your budget.

As modern IT equipment has reached performance levels well beyond most companies’ needs, pre-owned products offer plenty of power and performance. 

Our Refurbished products are available in three different quality tiers: Grade A, B, and C. All products include a Foxway Distribution warranty and are delivered in Foxway Distribution-branded packaging. You can learn more about the three tiers here 

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